A beautifully joyful blend of petals and buds ranging in shape and size. 

This mix of naturally dried pink and ivory petals adds a pop of vibrancy and an extra touch of elegance to any occasion!

Our loose confetti tea tins are a fantastic option if you prefer the idea of your guests simply grabbing a handful of petals to throw. 


ConfetTea’s loose tea is also designed to use as table decoration!

Flourishing Blend Loose Confetti

  • Contents:
    - 1 x ConfetTea tea tin
    (86 (W) x 86 (L) x 115 (H) mm)
    - Approx. Half a litre of our Flourishing Blend loose confetti.


    Please Note

    If you intend to use our loose confetti as throwing confetti, one tin should be enough for around 5 handfuls.